– Good ridning means that you stop disturbing the horse, and that is one thing I find it important to tell everybody; get out of the way, cause you are the problem, says Arne Koets, who during his five years as a rider and curator at the Fürstliche Hofreitschule in Bückeburg truly started to master the art of riding and the High School movements. He is a very versatile trainer and a full-time professional instructor in HEMA (Historical European Martial Art).

In today´s episode we revisit Arne Koets, who not only teaches mounted fencing, jousting, archery on horseback and garrocha work, but who can teach any other forms of practical riding, where the foundation is a maneuverable horse in balance. After all, the aim of historical dressage is to keep the horse healthy, brave, and collected – and ready for any challenge.

That last time I interviewed Arne, in EP22 ()Norwegian EP107) about 8 months ago, I felt I was missing a really important part of his philosophy – and that is how he not only manages to ride a new horse in a tournament after merely one ride the day before, but how he seems to be able to bond with horses so quickly. And for sure I was also very interested in his perspective on how to build a strong, long-term rock-solid relationship with his own horses. Photo: Matilde Brandt