The first time I heard about Arne was several years ago. And, looking back I remember reading about him before I heard about him from others. And when I heard about him from others, most of whom pronounced his sir name differently. And what happened next was something that has happened to me many times before. I take a note that a trainer exists, and if I don’t have time to investigate further, I leave it at that. For now. Until the trainer surface again, either in my mind for some reason, in my social media feed or through conversation with other riders. And then I often take a second look. But one rare occasion someone I really respect, insist that I must investigate further. And that was what happened here. So, I did a bit of research, got very curious based on what I saw, and then I attended two clinics. And this interview grew out of it.

– Being the leader is not being the boss. A true leader is the servant of the follower. You serve everyone and everything but yourself. That’s when riding is fun. When you do it as a service to everything around you – including your horse, says Arne Koets, historical European Martial arts practitioner and instructor on horseback.