On my Norwegian podcast, I usually interview horse people I have met that in one way or another have played a significant part in my journey with horses. But I also invite people I have never met, but am really curious about. People that bring something to the table of value for people dealing with horses – or animals for that matter. In the October episode of my international podcast «Clan of the horse – a podcast about horses and horse people» I have interviewed horse advocate, clinician and Author Anna Blake – by far one of the most interesting horse women I have come across so far.

Horses cannot respect us because they do not have that process in their brain, says horse advokat, clinician and author Anna Blake. – We have all been taught some version of ask, tell, make and if horses don’t hear us, we talk louder. How about turning the volume down and listen for a change?

Facebooks links mentioned in the podcast episode:

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Men with Hats

Book titles/articles mentioned in the podcast episode:

Language Signs and Calming Signals of Horses – Rachaël Draaisma

Calming Signals – The Art of Survival – Turid Rugaas

The Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness

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